Contact us to see a licensed psychologist for neuropsychological and psychological assessment and psychotherapy and counseling. We provide professional services to adults and children. Scroll down to read more about our different services.


Call us at 210-699-8700 to make an appointment. Press 0 to speak to office staff. We accept referrals from physicians, schools, attorneys, and individuals and families. 

Our Fax number is 210-587-2454.


San Antonio Office

The San Antonio office is on Blanco Road, two lights outside of 410 on the corner of McCarty and Blanco. We are in suite 126 on the first floor.

Kyle Office

The Kyle office is at 187 Elmhurst Road. 

If you are coming on I-35 South (away from Austin), take the Kyle, Center Street exit, go back across I-35 on Center street and turn left at the light to get on the access road going North. 

If you are coming on I-35 North (toward Austin), take the Kyle exit, and stay on the access road, going through the light, across Center street. 

From the I-35 access road, turn on Philomena road and go for about a 1/4 mile. You will see the office complex on your right. We are in Suite E at the back of the complex, next to the daycare.

Victoria Office

The Victoria office is located at 1501 E. Mockingbird Ln, on the corner of Sam Houston and Mockingbird. We are in Office 278. 


Neurocognitive or neuropsychological assessment is a useful method for measuring problems with memory, attention, decision-making, and other mental abilities. People who are concerned about problems such as dementia, ADD/ADHD, TBI, and other sources of cognitive problems will benefit.

Psychological assessment is helpful for people who are preparing for surgery for weight loss, spinal cord stimulator implantation, and other medical procedures. It is also helpful for people in therapy who want to get more information about themselves to help make therapy more effective.

Educational assessment measures IQ, reading, writing, math, and other abilities related to educational problems. Children, adolescents, and adults who need academic accommodations or other intervention will benefit from a careful assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.

People in the immigration system who have psychological problems that create a special hardship can submit the results of a quality psychological assessment to immigration judges in order to clarify their cases.


Individual psychotherapy can be a useful treatment for depression, anxiety, and other disorders. Each of our providers uses his or her own training and experience to develop a treatment for each patient.

Group therapy offers a unique experience that combines the best of individual therapy and shared experience under the guidance of a trained clinician. Group therapy is different than a support group. Most of our groups are structured, with a particular problem in mind, such as help preparing for weight loss surgery, smoking cessation, pain management or help for adolescents with behavior problems.

Workshops are single-day events that can last anywhere from an hour to much longer. Our workshops are focused on learning skills to deal with particular problems such as ADD/ADHD, Math Anxiety, Managing Chronic Pain, Preparing for Weight Loss surgery


There are many different kinds of dementia: Alzheimer's, Vascular, Frontotemporal, Parkinson's, and others. While most people with dementia have memory problems, there can be many other problems that have serious consequences for daily life. Our assessments can help with decision-making regarding an individual's capacity for financial and medical decision-making, driving, where to live, and other important decisions.

Attention Deficit Disorder is usually diagnosed in childhood, but can be missed until adulthood. Besides the obvious problems such as having trouble listening to lectures, ADD/ADHD can interfere with decision-making, planning, organization, and other functions. Our assessments are much more extensive than a simple questionnaire, and are especially helpful when you are not sure about your diagnosis.

Chronic pain interferes with all aspects of daily life. Psychological factors such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and relationships all interact with the pain to create a multiplicative effect that can feel almost impossible to manage. A careful assessment and comprehensive treatment plan with individual and group therapy, along with coordination with your doctor can help improve your life.

Weight loss is not easy. While surgical methods can be powerful and effective tools for changing your body, the long-term success depends upon behavior change. As behavior change experts we can help you prepare for your weight loss journey and help you achieve your goals.

Learning disabilities can affect children, adolescents and adults. Our assessments help people who go to schools that do not have assessment resources, or people who disagree with their school assessment, or people who need updated assessments for college. Our assessments can help you advocate for appropriate accommodations in class, standardized tests, and professional tests.

Depression and anxiety can be long-term problems. While medication helps some people, psychotherapy has been shown to be equally effective and, in some cases, more long-lasting.

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